Pickering's Triangle Nebula NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Unveiling The Veiled

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About JiiPee

J-P is a Finnish visual artist and astrophotographer.

Revealing the hidden beauty of our universe is my passion. Indomitable curiosity and blissful awe for the infinite majesty of the universe propel me, this is my artistic method, my Zen . I love to see and show how wonderful our world really is. I stand in speechless adoration before everything I am able to see.

When art meets science, the results can be beautiful. It can become something more than either of them on their own can ever be. These works are not only aesthetically beautiful, they are true.

What makes my work so great, so unique? Each piece is made by just one man from a tiny town at the edge of the world, using equipment that is simple and cheap compared to the billion-dollar astronomical instruments that exist around the world and even in space. Surely, they can make shots like these in no time, right? While they technically can, it in fact does not happen, because these eminently useful marvels of astronomical technology have million-dollar budgets controlled by technocrats who will never spend a million-dollar hour just for revealing some cosmic beauty and poetry.

Artist and

Astrophotography works

Co-author of
Cosmic Clouds 3-D

Cosmic Clouds 3D poster

Creater of the
Milky Way Mosaic

Milky Way Mosaic poster